New Spawn and a BIG plugin update soon!

That’s right, we finally finished the new spawn area! Be sure to check out the shop where we have almost every in-game item for sale (except mob spawners, see our donation page for information on mob spawners). There are also easily placed warps, enchanting rooms, and exits to spawn so it won’t be so tough to get started.

Also, if you have been in game the last few days, you may notice a few more commands on the help menu. We are working on getting our RPG plugin installed and running, once it is done we will have multiple classes that have affinities for the different worlds!

Final Announcement: We have all the Admins we need, now we need players! The best way to help bring folks to the server is to vote vote vote! Thanks to everyone who has helped us so far and all of those who have been playing and enjoying the world.

Oh yea, and we might just have a hunger games arena under construction ;)

Stay tuned!
The Monkey