Healthcare, Income, and Absurdly Insane American Priorities

Our government is certainly corrupt, but looking at other nations and their healthcare, the top performers are all Universal health care systems. And if you want to take the dollar sign off your face for the government, then we need to focus on removing the Citizens United ruling and take the business out of politics.

Libertarian philosophies are great on paper, and if we had a moral, just, compassionate society, then MAYBE they could work. Unfortunately, we have a corrupt, greedy, and selfish society that isn’t as concerned with a homeless starving neighbor as they are with who won the game last night. This was evidenced both in the Republican debates of 2012 where people cheered for the death of a hypothetical person who didn’t have healthcare, and how currently we have more empty homes than homeless.

Our problems go much deeper than just health care, and I can agree that the ACA is not a good law. But it’s not a good law for very simple reasons. It’s all about money. The people who lobbied to have a “private option” are the ones you need to worry about. They are the ones that are lining their pockets with “contributions” from “political donors.” And if they aren’t getting paid, then they are just as suckered into the selfish, almost hypnotic trance of pure libertarianism.

Follow the money, the money almost always leads to corruption and greed at the top. If you follow the money for the ACA, you find the problems, and I’m sure you can agree that both of the major parties are willing to gouge everyone in this country for all they can. Democrats with whatever suits them and Republicans with war typically.

Wondering if we should show compassion for our fellow human beings, shouldn’t even be something we do in this age. We have the ability to house every homeless person in this country with houses to spare. We have the funds going to blow people up, that if directed at infrastructure, or education, could make a huge difference in every citizen’s life! This project alone would be incredible.

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Humanism is what we need to work on. Issues like healthcare become mute, as do issues of war. Killing, or allowing others to die, is not to be tolerated. Our society has the ability to move to the next level where there isn’t a MONSTROUS gap in income, there aren’t starving people, and we don’t have folks that have serious medical conditions (addiction), being treated as criminals FOR PROFIT!!!!

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