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This category has all of our plugins, and instructions on what commands are available to you, the player!


That’s right, we now have sandfall on the server! Go head to head with other players in a race against fire and random chance! You are placed in an arena with wood for the ceiling. Once the game starts, you and your opponent(s) light the roof on fire and try to be the last man standing once the roof has collapsed!

A lot of fun, especially with friends so be sure to invite them!

New Plugin – MobArena!!!

Fight with your friends against wave after wave of mobs for prizes!!!

We have it setup so you can fight solo, or you can team up with other players in game and fight against waves of mobs. Prizes are awarded after you defeat certain waves, all the way up to a full set of diamond armor!

Plus, if you are fighting with friends, after you die, you get to watch them finish off the mobs (or the mobs finish them!).

And of course, don’t forget to vote, more votes = more players!